Winners of U10 2022 have been declared. The deadline for U10 2023 is February 10, 2023.

IEEE UP Section Student Activity Committee

How to form Student Branch

The first step in forming an IEEE Student Branch is to complete the online Petition Form. You will need to have faculty and department support as well as signatures of at least twelve (12) active IEEE Student and/or Graduate Student Members.

Visit online petition form

An IEEE Student Branch gives students a community of peers, and a connection to faculty and industry professionals who drive innovation in countless technical fields. Student involvement in Branch activities, whether special projects, social and technical meetings, outreach programs, conferences, local Section or Regional opportunities, etc. can help develop a record of accomplishment and capabilities beyond the norm.

The nominations for the student team of the section student activity committee (SSAC) 2023 are invited. It provides an opportunity for the section’s dedicated student volunteers to step forward and take the lead. The SSAC committee is dedicated to enhancing the membership experience of students and increasing their involvement in activities. Students interested in being part of the committee and willing to spare their time for volunteering are invited to fill out the nomination form. 

Eligibility –
1. A nominee must be an active IEEE student member.
2. A nominee must be a member of any IEEE SB in the Uttar Pradesh Section (Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand).

Deadline: 30th December 2022
N.B.: Self-nomination is allowed.
Nomination form link – Google Form

For any query please contact:
Mr. Yawar Hayat Zarkob –
Mr. Debashish Nandi –


Call for Nomination: IEEE UP Section SAC Ambassador 2023

Dear IEEE UP Members

The new year is about to begin, but before that comes the IEEE UP Section SAC Ambassador 2023. After the delightful response in 2022, we are excited about the next version. We invite enthusiastic IEEE student members to serve as IEEE UP Section SAC Ambassadors in 2023. It gives you the opportunity to explore the possibilities of IEEE, as well as create awareness among fellow members. Nominations have been started, so do not wait and fill out the Google form.

Note: Each ambassador will be presented with a certificate.

Deadline: December 31, 2022

Nomination form link: Google Form


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Nominations Open! & Winners of U10 2022

Hello everyone,

On behalf of the IEEE UP Section, we are happy to announce the winners of the U10 Initiative for 2022. We congratulate to all the winners and wish for enhanced participation in 2023.

List of U10 2022 winners: Click here

Furthermore, the nomination process for the year 2023 has already started. Please do not miss to participate. If you would like more details, please contact the Section Student Activity Committee members.

About U10 Initiative 2023:
IEEE membership brings many benefits and opportunities. Being office-bearers of the IEEE student units, it becomes our responsibility to propagate the same to fellow student members. We must utilise the platform at our disposal for the benefit of ourselves as well as the entire student community. To maximize the membership experience, the IEEE UP Section brings you, “U10 Initiative 2023”. All the Student Units participating in the initiative would be recognised by the section.

1.       All the student OUs participating in U10 initiative will receive a coupon. This coupon can be encashed for any IEEE activity during next year (on a reimbursement basis).
·         10+ activities – Rs 2000/-
·         20+ activities – Rs 3000/-
·         30+ activities – Rs 4000/-
2.       Appreciation certificate from section
3.       Mention is section newsletter & website

How to Participate:
1.       The student unit should submit its U10 calendar at Google Form  before  10th February 2023. In the calendar, submit the tentative date and title of the planned events (minimum 10)
2.       Organise the activities
3.       Report on vTool ( before 10th February 2023.

1.       All the student units (branch/chapter/affinity group) should organise minimum 10 events.
2.       The events of branches, chapters and affinity groups would be counted separately. The events of any branch chapter or affinity group would not be considered as an event of the branch. Each unit should participate in the initiative independently. Units may organise and report the collaborative events.
3.       The event date must be in the year 2023 (i.e., from 1st January 2023 to 31st December 2023).
4.       Units should try to cover maximum categories of events with a minimum of two events in each of the following categories
·         Technical (webinars on the technical topics)
·         Non-technical, (in this category units may organise some covid awareness activity too)
·         Administrative events.   

How to encash the coupons?
The coupons can be claimed against any IEEE activity organised by the unit. For the same, you will be required to send an e-mail to the section student representative (SSR). Attach all the bills (GST) and the U10 certificate.

For any query please contact:

Mr. Yawar Hayat Zarkob –
Mr. Debashish Nandi –

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IEEE UP Section Student Activity Committee (SAC) is dedicated to giving the best membership experience to its members. It invites energetic IEEE student members to become IEEE UP Section SAC Ambassadors for the year 2022.
It brings an opportunity for you to explore the opportunities of IEEE, as well as create awareness among fellow members.
Every Ambassador will receive a certificate.

List of selected volunteers

Certificates: IEEE UP SSAC Ambassador 2022


SB Group List    About collaborative activities

IEEE UP Section invites proposals for collaborative activities

About IT:

  • The IEEE student branches of the UP Section are divided into three groups for Collaborate UP.                                                                                              Group A    Group B       Group C
  1. To know your group visit the following link:
  2. The call for collaborative activity proposals is invited for the following categories:                                                                                                                1. Category 1 – Collaboration between Group A and Group B
    2. Category 2 – Collaboration between Group A (or B) and Group C


  1. Both collaborating units will require to submit a joint proposal through the google form
  2. An email should be sent at; showing the approval (or consent) of the counsellors of both student branches. Both counsellors should be in cc.
  3. The section will provide Rs. 5000/- or 50% of the total expenditure, whichever is lesser, on the reimbursement basis. Both units would share the remaining expenditure equally.
  4. Submission deadline: 30th May
    • The event should be organised between 1st July to 15th September 2022.
    • Post-event reporting to the section (at should include:
      -Proof of vtool reporting
      -Bill summary (in given template at
      -A copy of the bills
      -Write-up for section newsletter
      -Photos of the events
    • Deadline: 30th September 2022 5 June 2022(Extended)

In case of any query contact Mr Abdullah ( or Mr Nayaneesh (

Result: List of selected projects


This award is proposed to promote the Student Branch/Chapter in organizing and reporting the events through vtools. The student chairperson or office bearers of the winning Branch/Chapter will receive certificates during the AGM of the Section. Reporting of the events by the Branches/Chapters on vTool will be taken into consideration. 

An email should be sent to by the respective Branch/Chapter before November 5th. The events reported by all Branches/Chapters would be considered as events of the respective Branch/Chapter. The events should be organized from November 1 (previous) to October 31 (current year) and reported on vTool till October 31.

Top Five Student Branches/Chapters shall be awarded Rs 10000 (One First prize ), Rs. 7000 (One Second prize), and Rs. 5000 (Three Third prizes), along with certificates.

Activity Based Incentive Award 2022

For event reporting- October 31, 2022
For email sending- November 5, 2022


U10 Initiative 2022 of IEEE UP Section as launched with the motive to activate the most potential and yet dormant IEEE members and units towards greater participation.

IEEE membership brings many benefits and opportunities. Being office-bearers of the IEEE student units, it becomes our responsibility to propagate the same to fellow student members. We must utilize the platform at our disposal for the benefit of ourselves as well as the entire student community.

U10 2022

Submission Link     

Deadline: 30th May 2022  25 July 2022(Extended)

U10 2021 Winners

List of Approved Financial Support from IEEE UP Section

The IEEE Uttar Pradesh Section is pleased to inform you that the section will provide partial support to the student branches for celebrating IEEE Day. This year’s IEEE Day is on October 4th, 2022, and the section has decided to celebrate it from October 1st to 9th (full week). You are all encouraged to participate in and organize IEEE Day events during this period. Nominations for the same are invited. The event poster is attached here with.


The amount of funding will be as follows:
(1) Branches having more than 100 student members: Rs. 12000/-
(2) Branches having 50 to 99 student members: Rs. 10000/-
(3) Branches having 30 to 49 student members: Rs. 7000/-
(4) Branches having 20 to 29 student members: Rs. 5000/-
(5) Branches having less than 20 student members: To be decided later by Section Chairman in special cases only.

Please note:
(1) Student Branches should submit the event proposal before August 30th at

(2) All participating branches must include the following activities in their IEEE Day schedule:
>> One membership promotion activity (email campaign with attachment to all the faculty and students).
>> One social activity (networking discussion on any topic of general interest and tea).
>> One technical activity (talk/seminar/debate/discussion).

(3) The mentioned amount is the upper limit for support. Actual support would be on a reimbursement basis. Branches will need to submit proof of their expenditure.
(4) The reimbursement of the above financial support is subject to the submission of a report of the activities, with photographs, videos, newsletter content, etc. :
-To vTools:
-To section:

IEEE UP Section is dedicated to enhancing the membership experience of its
members. With the same motive, the Section brings a new initiative “Graduate Talk Series” for its members.
We have five national and many other reputed technical institutions in its geographical boundary. The “Graduate Talk Series” presents a unique opportunity to the Ph.D. student of the Section to share their knowledge and idea with the engineering community of the section.

To the audience, it offers a glimpse of the ongoing research in different
domains. Further, it also presents networking opportunities for research
scholars and will strengthen the research community.

For speakers:

1. Opportunity to share their knowledge and idea.
2. Networking with section’s research fraternity.
3. Fine-tune your presentation skills.
4. Appreciation Certificate from Section.

For audience:

1. Get a glimpse of the ongoing research in different areas.
2. More insight from the research field for your career plan.
3. Participation Certificates.

To be a Speakers:


1.He/She must be pursuing a Ph.D. or have submitted within the last 3 years
(i.e. Since January 2019).                                                                           2.He/She must be an IEEE member
3.Institute from where Ph.D. is being pursued or has been submitted must
be in UP Section (i.e. Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand)

The domain of talks: Technical talk on any topic of IEEE domain.

Speaker Registration :
Fill the speaker registration form. The Section SAC volunteer will contact you
to finalize the schedule.

About graduate talk series

Speaker registration form

This is a call for registration in the internship program of the IEEE UP section under the Industry Connect program.

Those students who want to apply for the internship may fill out the form whose link is given below:

Please read the full information and also the PDF attachment with this notice before filling out the registration form for the internship. The list of the companies and the experts are available in the PDF attachment “List of Mentors“. The PDF also contains the link to the details of each of the experts/companies. Click on the link to know more. Apart from that, the PDF contains information such as whether the internship will be held online/onsite mode, the domain of the Internship, and the topics that will be covered in the internship. If the company has special eligibility requirements, those are also mentioned in the PDF.

List of mentors

Guidelines for the internship program

1. One person can fill out only one form & can give only two preferences.
2. In the case of multiple forms, only the last one would be considered.
3. Filling the Google form does not guarantee the internship.
4. The mentors may conduct another round of screening.

The last date for filling the form is 20 June 2022

About the IndustryConnect Program

The IndustryConnect program is a flagship program of the IEEE Uttar Pradesh section launched in 2021. The primary motive of the program is to bridge the industry-academia gap, provide industry exposure to students and prepare them for their future careers, and to act as a platform where the industry and academic institutions can come together for collaboration in skill development and knowledge and expertise sharing.

In 2021, the Internship program was a great success with certain students getting a call from companies. Inspired by the success, the Industry Connect Cell of the IEEE UP Section is launching its internship program for 2022.

SSAC Student Team 2022

U10 Initiative

U10 2021 Winners

U10 2022

Submission Link

Deadline: 30th May 2022

Collaborate UP

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SB Group List

IEEE Day 2022

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